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I think I’m going to try to keep up on this.


It might be pretty chill to have a place to vent/think out loud/talk. 


Maybe I’ll post some of my pictures.


Guess I could start off with the basics, yes?

Kaytee is the name, camera is my game.[:

I am from New York. Kingston/Bronks/Westchester. And I wish I was still there. Colorado is where I live now (for a moment). Still in high school, but thank God, it’s my last year. Kinda. I get to graduate early by a whole year. People keep asking me what I’m going to do after high school, and I don’t know what to tell them. I’m thinking criminal psychology could be interesting with a minor in photography.

Anyways, I am a foster kid (I’ll type about that some other time). I do still have contact with some family members, but it’s not constant. My aunt, uncle and their two kids are back in Jersey. Other uncle, aunt and their kid are in Ohio. Mom’s in Denver. Not aloud contact though so don’t know much on her end. Dad is somewhere in NY. Don’t know him though. My grandma and little brother live close by though. Don’t get to talk to them much. Other than that, I have my own family. It’s tiny, but it’s my family. My little brother, my sister and my boyfriend. And I’ll put it on anything that they’re the best family I’ve ever had. 

I plan on doing something productive with my life, wether it be that I make one person smile a day, or something else that I haven’t figured out yet. I’m trying to just live my life for myself right now though.

Chiodos is what has gotten me through life. I don’t think I would be a functioning  human being right now, if it wasn’t for Chiodos. And yes, with or without Craig. Also, photography is a big part of why I think I can handle half the shit in life. Ahahaha, I love taking pictures, even if I’m no good at it. Writing is also a big reason why I’m still sane. Well, I think I’m sane…

So, there isn’t much else I can put down on internet paper. I’m excited to keep this going, even if only for myself.


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